Frequently Asked Questions


What are some member exclusive sessions you conduct?

Every month, we conduct 3-4 sessions which are exclusively for our members. These sessions are more intimate, chill and turn out to be a great way for members to bond with each other. Here are a few member exclusive segments:

  • Monthly Member Meets: Chill, unwind, play a few games, and get to know the lives of your fellow members a little better!
  • As Abstract As It Gets: Choose random topics ranging from pop culture and history to philosophy and mystery, and go ‘as abstract as it gets!’
  • Abstract Musings: Listen to your favourite songs collectively, exchange your playlists and end your day on a ‘musical’ note!

In addition to these segments, members have the privilege to conduct sessions on absolutely anything, and that too, on a date and time that is most convenient to them!

What kind of Member Exclusive groups do you have on Telegram?

We have created multiple Telegram groups for our members, each of them serving a different and unique purpose. These include:

  • Abstract Official: This group is meant only for important updates about upcoming sessions, polls and sharing additional resources.
  • Abstract Informals: This group is meant for members to discuss pop culture, share all kinds of recommendations or maybe just rant about a bad day at work!
  • Abstract Recco Films, Literature, Music: These are 3 separate groups meant for members to talk about their favourite films and TV shows; books and poetry; and music respectively.

As an Abstract Member, will I be expected to join all the online sessions?

  • Of course not! We conduct around 10-15 online sessions in a month, ranging from film and book discussions, to poetry meets and music sessions, to other kinds of member exclusive sessions.
  • You can pick and choose the sessions you like and then join whenever you have the time and headspace to do so!

What happens right after I become a member?

  • If you opt for the ‘Standard Way’ and attend 2 sessions within the span of a month, you become eligible to become a member. We send you a welcome email, which contains all the necessary information to get you started. Once you join our Telegram groups, you are good to go!
  • Even if you opt for the ‘Express Way’ and directly pay for our membership, the process of getting you started remains the same.

When can my Abstract Membership be revoked?

  • You can request for a membership revocation if you lose interest and/or don’t feel that the community is adding any value to your life.
  • We bid our members adieu with the hope that we can welcome them back as and when they have the time and headspace to join us!
  • Membership can be revoked if a member defaults on their monthly/quarterly fee for a prolonged period and without any communication.
  • In a scenario where we receive multiple complaints about a member’s misdemeanour, and despite constant deliberation and warnings the situation doesn’t change, we revoke their membership.

What are the benefits of opting for ‘Express Way’ to The Abstract Room’s membership over ‘Standard Way’?

  • People opt for the ‘Standard Way’ if they want to get a sense of the community and our sessions before becoming a member.
  • However, if you wish to avail the benefits of our membership right away, we would suggest you to opt for the ‘Express Way.’
  • Please note that these are only ways of ‘HOW’ you can become an Abstract Member. After becoming one, the benefits for all members remain the same.

As an Abstract Member, will I be expected to join all the sessions?

  • We conduct around 10-15 online sessions in a month, ranging from film and book discussions, to poetry meets and music sessions, to other kinds of member exclusive sessions. It is very rare that a member joins all these sessions.
  • There are no expectations from a member to join all sessions.
  • Even if a member isn’t able to join any sessions for a considerable period of time, we respect their priorities and time commitments. You can continue being a member for as long as you wish to!
  • Just like you pick and choose what you watch on Netflix based on your mood, you can decide to join or not join a session based on the time you have and whether you have the headspace to do so!

After becoming an Abstract Member, do I need to register for any of the online sessions via the website? Also, is there any extra fee involved for attending any specific online sessions?

  • Once you become an Abstract Member, you won’t need to register via the website. You will be a part of our exclusive Telegram Group where we will put announcements, reminders, updates and polls about our upcoming sessions. You would just be expected to acknowledge those.
  • There is no extra fee involved for attending any online sessions.

Online Sessions

How many online sessions do you conduct in a month?

We conduct around 10-15 online sessions in a month, ranging from film and book discussions, to poetry meets and music sessions, to other kinds of member exclusive sessions.

What happens during our online film and book discussions?

  • Every film or book discussion has a very free-flowing format. Our intention is to give art enthusiasts a space to share their thoughts and analysis on the subject at hand. And in order to encourage them to do so, we provide them full liberty to speak at any given point (or even remain silent if they wish to).
  • Every discussion has a moderator, whose job is to make sure that the conversation stays on track and that we wrap up in due time. They even ask a few questions during the discussion to keep things interesting and help the conversation move forward.
  • Duration: 90 minutes
  • Language: English, Hindi
  • To get a sneak peek into our discussions, you can check out our Youtube Channel.

How to prepare for an online film or book discussion?

  • You'll be expected to watch the film or read the book prior to the discussion. A suggestion we often spare is to write down your thoughts on the various aspects of the film/book you wish to talk about.
  • If it is a film, you could focus on thinking about the acting, screenplay, music, themes, things you liked and didn’t like, and other technicalities. If it is a book, you could focus on its themes, writing style, things you liked and did not like etc
  • We will also share carefully curated resources with you to understand the film/book better.

What does a moderator really do in a session?

The role of the moderator is to set the vibe and flow of the session. They make sure that everybody gets a chance to share their thoughts on the topic and that the session wraps up on time. They even ask interesting questions to keep the conversation moving.

How do we decide the stuff we discuss?

  • Every month, we collectively decide a 'Theme For the Month', like existentialism, coming of age, time travel etc. And then most things that we end up discussing in that month revolve around that theme.
  • Abstract Members have the privilege to recommend films and books based on that theme. And then through an open system of voting, we select our month’s schedule.

What happens if a film or a book that I recommend doesn’t get selected?

  • If something you recommend doesn’t get picked up, as an Abstract Member you have the privilege to organise a discussion on it on a date and time that is convenient to you!
  • Know more about the Exclusive Benefits of being an Abstract Member!

Can I discuss a film or a book that doesn’t necessarily fall under the ‘Theme’ for that particular month?

  • Absolutely! As mentioned earlier, Abstract Members can also hold discussions on films, books, poets etc that don’t fall under the ‘Theme’ for that month.
  • Know more about the Exclusive Benefits of being an Abstract Member!

How can a member earn through The Abstract Room?

Members also have the opportunity to earn nominal amounts by moderating sessions, handling different segments and managing admin work. The amount varies depending on the task and the time given to the same.

What happens during our ‘Book Of The Month’ Reading Sessions?

  • For every book that we pick up, we keep some complimentary reading sessions where we read a few pages together.
  • These are best suited for those who find it difficult to read on their own or just like to read along with other people.
  • The reading schedule is announced along with the book. This can help you if you are new to reading or are finding it difficult to read on your own.

Do I need to have watched and read a lot of films and books respectively to join The Abstract Room?

  • There is no expectation for anyone who joins our sessions to possess an extensive knowledge of films or have read numerous books.
  • The Abstract community embraces individuals from diverse backgrounds and interests. We are dedicated to fostering a welcoming and inclusive environment where each participant can engage in open dialogue, express themselves freely, and collectively explore the intricacies of the world we inhabit.
  • We firmly believe that every person brings their own unique set of skills, experiences, and perspectives, which inherently holds value within our community.
  • Furthermore, no one will ever pressure you to share your thoughts or participate in discussions unless you feel comfortable doing so. Your level of engagement is entirely up to you.

What is the age group of people who join The Abstract Room?

  • The Abstract Room has been designed as a community for people from all walks of life, regions, professions and age groups.
  • We have had people from the ages of 15 to the ages of 65 in our sessions and as Abstract Members. We consider each individual who joins us as unique. We are strictly against any form of ageism.
  • Anyone above the age of 15 can become an Abstract Member.

Is this a group only for Indians or Indian residents?

  • Since our inception, we have been a global community, attracting individuals from various backgrounds and regions across the world!
  • While we have had many people joining us from Mumbai, Pune, Delhi, Bangalore and Hyderabad, our community extends far beyond the boundaries of any single city.
  • We have welcomed people from 20+ Indian states and 7+ countries, encompassing a diverse range of experiences and perspectives. Our shared passion for the arts unites us, regardless of our geographical locations.

Offline Sessions

In how many cities do you conduct your offline events and what is the frequency of these events?

At the moment, we conduct monthly film screenings in Mumbai and Pune. Additionally, we host an open mic in these cities, once every 2-3 months.

If I am an Abstract Member, do I get any benefits during our offline events?

We give priority to our members during registrations of our offline events. However, the members will be expected to pay the full registration amount as the membership doesn’t extend to our offline events at the moment. In addition, we do regular meetups in cafes, parks and go to treks and retreats every once in a while. These meetups and retreats are exclusive to our members!