“What started off as an online platform in June 2020, has smoothly transitioned into becoming one of India’s largest online-offline communities for lovers of cinema, literature and art in general.”


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“One of the reasons why we started this platform was because we sensed a lack of social circles where we could bond over films, books and art in general. What started off merely as a weekly online meet-up, has smoothly transitioned into a social community, a family. A family of extremely different people, most of whom haven’t even met each other, but share a very strong bond!”




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Hear It From Abstract’s Members!

Bhoomika Wadhwani
Product Manager at MX Player | Mumbai | 26

Art shouldn't remain in its isolation. Having a community with whom I can carefully deconstruct art is utopic. For me, The Abstract Room is a place where I can share my opinions without any inhibitions.

Hitesh Yele
Assistant Professor of English | Nagpur | 31

The Abstract Room has given me memories that I will always hold on to! Every Abstract session is novel, full of perspectives and alive with meaningful conversations! But my favourite segment is the book discussions, which have always made me a more aware and evolved person than before!

Pranav Joshi
Advertising Professional, MICA 2020 | Mumbai | 27

Who knew that in the unimaginable context of the world shutting down in the advent of a once-in-century pandemic, one community will open its heart out and welcome me with open arms. The Abstract Room is home away from home, a space for me to share my passions and gripes, successes and failures and spend time in Member Meets with like-minded souls who love cinema, poetry, art and culture.

Aman Mulla
Final year Medical Student | Belgaum | 22

One of the best things I did in 2021 was joining The Abstract Room! Abstract is like that book which keeps getting more exciting with every page! Abstract sirf koi book nahi hai. Ye woh library hai jisme har koi khas hai!

Aditi Patni
Psychology Trainee | Aurangabad | 21

My journey with Abstract has been phenomenal in every way! The way people have treated me here feels very much like home! I truly feel grateful to have found a community with so many like minded people who can only lift me up!

Harshal Khaparde
Writer, Filmmaker, Student | Raipur | 21

The Abstract Room for me is like the song “Chaiyya Chaiyya” from Dil Se. It makes me happy, it makes me dance, it makes me forget my problems, it helps me find friends, it make me speak my heart out, it makes me stay up late, it makes me do crazy-stupid-funny things but most importantly whenever I feel lost… It makes me feel like home.

Manibhushan Kashyap
Theatre Practitioner | Delhi | 21

I have been with The Abstract Room for almost two years now! And my favourite segment so far has to be the Member Meets we have at the end of every month, where we have endless conversations about our individual life experiences!

Abhishek Kashyap
Political Science Student | Mushari Village | 20

The Abstract Room has given me a family with which I can discuss my favourite films and books! But my most favourite segment is the Monthly Member Meets where we sit, learn and unlearn seemingly trivial, but important things about life!

Urja Ghia
Content Marketer | Mumbai | 21

Do you ever sit and be grateful to the people you’re around? Yes, Abstract is that set of people, whether or not you bond with everyone. My personal favourite part is the monthly (online and offline) meets that always end with a sigh of relief - “I’m glad I didn’t miss this one.”

Radhika Saraf
Teach For India Fellow | Pune | 22

The Abstract Room has nurtured empathetic, real and authentic individuals to pour their heart out, whether it was to share their ideas, theories, research or just let loose. It gave me a platform to discuss my favourite films and books which is one of the perks about being a member! It also allowed me to build friendships in unconventional ways, and be a part of a community growing with each other brimming with love & warmth.